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How to choose a locksmith in Dupont  ? 

1. Check with the locksmith that he is local.
2. Give the locksmith as many details and information regards the service you need. 
3. Check with the locksmith that he has insurance and bond.


As a Professional Locksmith……. I am always Security Conscious… WE ALL NEED TO BE AWARE OF OUR PERSONAL SECURITY DURING THE HOLIDAYS….. Yes, I know it’s a shame to have to think this way, but especially during times of ECONOMIC STRESS…. We have to be aware that there are BAD GUYS out there who want to take advantage of you and your family….. and the WILL BREECH your SECURITY wherever POSSIBLE…. SO….. Here are some tips to follow during this holiday season…..


1) Keep your vehicle LOCKED at all times during shopping… And if you have an alarm, ARM IT…..

2 ) Do NOT leave VALUABLES out in view in your vehicle… This means GPS, PURSES,WALLETS, CELLPHONES, IPODS, PURCHASED GIFTS, ETC, ETC, ETC…..

3) Park in highly visible areas, and at night… park in well lit areas…

4 ) Look over your shoulder! Make sure that there are not people following you or constantly watching you.. If you feel uncomfortable.. You can always request an escort to your vehicle from store or mall security.

1) Alway keep doors locked. and when away, make sure your doors and windows are locked.

2) Keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles or persons wandering into your neighborhood. They may NOT be just looking at Christmas lights. They could be looking for EASY ACCESS POINTS to taking gifts from under your trees.

3) If you have Deadbolts.. Always use them!… If you don’t have them… Call a dupont Locksmith and have them installed.

4) If you are expecting deliveries…. Make sure you are available to put packages in your residence . Believe it or not, there are people that watch for delivery drivers to drop off Holiday Merchandise, and if it looks like an easy grab….. IT’s as good as gone in a matter of minutes.

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